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Yousmarg Sightseeing

Yusmarg is approximately 47 km from the Srinagar and lies in the Badgam district of Jammu and Kashmir. The two-hour drive to the place is an enjoyment in itself. Grassy pastures stretching to acres of land, the dense forests full of pine trees, with the backdrop of splendid snow capped mountains leave you almost speechless. Within commutable distance from Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, Yusmarg is the perfect place to go for a picnic. It is possible that after reaching this place, you may want to even stay for a few days. Specially, for the lovers of long walks in picturesque locales, Yusmarg is the place to be.

Adventure buffs will love travelling to the town of Yusmarg, as they can embark on treks in this place. They can take a trek to the town of Nilnag that is located at a distance of four kilometres from Yusmarg. This region has a very small lake that is popular among tourists. Another major tourist destination is a frozen lake that is present in the Sang E Safed valley, which lies at a distance of ten kilometres from the town. You can take a trek to this place, and you can camp out near the frozen lake, nestling within the raw beauty of the place.

Tourist Attractions

A short trek of 4km to Nilnag a small lake amidst pine trees, near a hamlet gives an ultimate pleasure to visitors.

A full day trek from Yusmarg to frozen lake in Sang e safed valley 10 km from Yusmarg is quite fascinating one. Most of the portion of the lake is covered under ice throughout the year. Trekkers are advised to carry tents along during the trip as the weather at high altitude changes frequently which can make further journey quite hard. Assistance of a guide is advisable.


From political, social and economical upheavals, the Rishis or saints emerged with a sacred thoughts which gave comfort and mitigated the miseries of the people of valley. Nund Reshi was the patron of the Sufism in Kashmir who showed disinterest in worldly matters from childhood and renounced the world at an early age of 12 in search of divinity of God . He was an illiterate Shiekh Noor-ud-Din Noorani RA popular as Nund Reshi or Alamdar-e- Kashmir was born in 1378 AD at Kaimuh a village in Anantnag district. When the people of valley were suffering and yet spontaneously uttered concise and rhythmic verses called ‘Shruks’ which are considered of high value in Kashmiri literature.

Adventure Sports
Trekking in Yusmarg

A major trekking route from Yusmarg eads to a famous spot called Tosa Maidan, a large meadow used for cattle grasing by nomads. This area is connected through rough routes to places like Gulmarg and Poonch. The region is full of springs , the one at Khag is most famous for the curative properties.

The natural slopes of Yusmarg offer skiing opportunities to experts. School camps and adventure lovers make a week to fortnights stay at Yusmarg for the thrilling trekking routes around. Day treks are mostly commenced by the visitors. Stay in personal tents is recommended for the visitors intending to stay for longer duration. The expeditions to the various peaks in the range can be organized through the reputed Travel Agents in Srinagar.

Horse riding in Yusmarg

Horse riding in the valley can be great fun, the ponywallas in Yusmarg have quite reasonable charges for a ride compared to other destinations. A visit in summer to a place like Yusmarg will positively be cherished by every one in a group. Yusmarg is suitable for young couples, as it is quietest place out of all tourist destinations.

Last few years of large tourist inflow into Kashmir valley has seen the diversification of tourism to this wonderful destination. Most of the travel agents include Yusmarg as one day trip in their package

How to Reach
By Road

Buses can be taken to Yusmarg from Srinagar directly, and the distance between the two places is around forty seven kilometres. This is the locally preferred mode of travel. You can opt for buses to the capital city of Srinagar from other important destinations like New Delhi, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jammu and Pathankot and can travel to Yusmarg from there through buses too.

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